"The Bus was Full of Smoke and Not One Kid Noticed"
Dave and special guest Jessica talk about finding happiness on the road, water heater fire chaos, and seeing the bison in Yellowstone!

Jessica Rambo, a Marine Corps veteran, is pursuing her dream of traveling with her herd and providing art to the veteran community. Rambo uses her ten years of service in the Marine Corps to inspire her work and her passion to continue to serve. She has traveled the globe in search of adventures that capture the essence of hardworking service members and a diverse range of cultures and is now ready to take her family along for the ride… Driven by the passionate belief that every veteran deserves a safe space for families to come together and bond, Rambo and her family have collectively created Painted Buffalo Studio to bring art to the veteran community.

The Rambo Family converted a 1997 Blue Bird school bus into a full time tiny house on wheels and traveling studio. They moved in on August 1, 2019. Full time bus livers include, Jessica (Mom), Liam (9 yrs old), Skyler (12 yrs old), Bella (Service Dog, Black Lab), Atlas (Blue Heeler) and Sushi. (Turkish Van Cat)

Find Jessica here:
Instagram: @PaintedBuffaloTravelingStudio
Facebook: Painted Buffalo Studio
Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/PaintedBuffalotravelingstudio
Website: https://PaintedBuffaloStudio.com/
"All of a sudden the smoke detector is going off, so I jump out of the shower and half open the curtain because I'm naked and have children on the bus that aren't mine, and the whole bus is full of smoke and not one kid noticed! They were playing a video game... So I'm pouring water, in the nude, running around like crazy, my son's yelling, I'm yelling... it's a mess."
Rapid Fire Questions and Answers:

How do you stay clean on the road?
You don’t... Or you put a bathtub on your bus like I did so that you can rise yourself, and the dogs, and the kids off in a pinch.

What do you consider bus life essentials?
For me, I put in a full-sized fridge instead of one of those stupid ‘fits six cans of soda’ fridges that I see a lot of. I put in a full fridge. I eat a lot, number one, my kid eats a lot, and also you have the ability to dip out into nature and not have to go to the grocery store every day. So a large fridge is pretty important to us. Animals. I mean animals always make things on the road a lot better. And then also everything has to be multipurpose and everybody has to be comfortable so everybody has to have a spot or a seat or something like that. For me, I had to have the ability to have whatever kind of art supplies and storage space.

What is your favorite place you have visited?
Obviously, Yellowstone because that’s where the bison are. Also the California Coast. We drove from San Diego up to Vancouver on the 1. Monterey Bay and Santa Cruz and Santa Monica and that whole strip of California was just unbelievable. You see it in pictures and you drive here and there on parts of it but driving the entire thing was just life-changing.

What should everyone know before living out of a van?
You will get very quickly a custom to baby wipe baths.

What would you tell someone who doesn’t understand the appeal of bus life?
Then they shouldn’t do it if they don’t think it’s awesome. I think the biggest thing that I can relate to is when I was traveling around the country I was meeting up with Marines that I was stationed with and they would be like, you know, I was that disgruntled, pissed off, angry Sergeant Marine and they would be like “yo Rambo what happened to you” and I would just say I got happy. You know like it’s that simple. It’s that your whole life and your mental mentality your physical mentality all of those things just drastically change when you get into this lifestyle.

What's your favorite book you either read on the road or that inspired you to try it?
For adults: American Buffalo by Steven Rinella. And for kids: The Remarkable Journey of Coyote Sunrise by Dan Gemeinhart.

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