Jack Frost Canister
(Your reusable canister arrives full, and your first refill is included!)
Jack Frost Refill (Pack of Two)
"Jack Frost feels like a premium product. The canister is sturdy and strong. The powder smells amazing and works great. I wish every product felt like this does."

-David M.
"I hate throwing away single use plastics. Every time I do it I feel guilty. I bought Jack Frost because it let me do my personal care without plastic waste. I couldn't be happier."

-Sydney B.
"I think I've tried every body powder out there. They smell like a pharmacy, come in cheap plastic, and are full of chemicals. Jack Frost changed the game for me."

-Ben E.
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Jack Frost Canister
All-in-one deodorant, body powder and foot powder in a refillable canister made of stainless steel.

Future orders are refills shipped carbon-free in a biodegradable cartridges with zero plastic waste.
Jack Frost Refill (2x)
Two refill cartridges of Jack Frost - all-in-one deodorant, body powder and foot powder with zero plastic waste.

*Requires Jack Frost canister