Jack Frost began with an argument. For years I had been a regular body powder user - one of millions of men who apply the powder to their groin to absorb moisture, combat chafe and soothe the skin. If you're unlucky enough to experience chafe you know exactly why a product like body powder is so important.

I never thought much about the body powder I was using. I went with the most popular brand. You probably know the one I'm talking about. It comes in orange plastic.

One day before bed I was applying the body powder when my girlfriend picked up the container to read the ingredients. Then she glared at me with the look that said I was in big trouble. She was mad for two reasons and sad for a third.

The first was that the body powder I used was full of chemicals - it had a long list of ingredients, half of which I couldn't pronounce. "How could you apply this to your body," she asked, "let alone to your groin?" I hadn't really thought about it. I had long been focused on healthy eating and a clean lifestyle. For whatever reason I had never made the jump to the things I was putting on my skin.

The second was that the body powder was made with talc which has been linked to not only high levels of asbestos but ovarian cancer as well. Somehow, even without thinking about it, the product I was using to feel more comfortable was not only full of chemicals but was putting my girlfriend's health at risk as well. Something had to give.

So began a long journey into researching body powder and personal care industry at large. It would be an understatement to say that what I learned was upsetting. It seemed to me time and time again that companies were choosing the cheap and easy route, even if it meant putting their customers (and the ones they loved) at risk.

Body powder is the most intimate product a man could use. It should be a given that the product is safe and effective. But beyond that it should come in a beautiful container - something to leave on the shelf, not to stuff in a drawer. It should feel good and smell great naturally.

The first two reasons my girlfriend gave were all about product safety. The third was a sadness we both shared - that we bought so many things to use once and throw away. We are living in disposable times. It's not just the waste, it's the act of wasting. We're walking through life leaving a trail of plastic in our wake. The same companies that seemed okay with polluting our bodies were the ones manufacturing products that would go on to pollute our planet too. Talk about a thought that chafed.

Jack Frost was born with the belief that we shouldn't have to compromise between safe, effective, and sustainable.

It took us three years to perfect the Jack Frost formula and to find an effective way to make the product produce no plastic waste. It was truly a labor of love. If you buy Jack Frost you'll see that effort in every aspect of the product - the way it smells, the way it feels, how well it works, even the heft of the canister in your hand. The product we created is not only the best body powder you could buy, but an extremely effective natural deodorant, a foot powder and a dry shampoo for women and men.

Start With Why
The spirit of our company can be laid out in three short sentences:

Travel often.
Bring as little as you can.
Leave nothing behind.

Travel often:
- Jack Frost reduces friction, combats chafe, soothes the skin, controls odor, relieves that sticky sweaty feeling, makes people more comfortable
- it is a "friend for the road" to help you feel good and smell great on all of your adventures.

Bring as little as you can:
- Jack Frost is a deodorant, body powder, foot powder, and dry shampoo all-in-one. It's basically a walking shower. You can do everything with it short of brushing your teeth.
- It enables minimalism - buying fewer things, carrying fewer things with you. The sturdy, durable canister reinforces this minimal spirit. What we own should be beautiful and meant to last.
- Jack Frost is the cleanest-label natural deodorant on the market - it's literally plants + minerals + baking soda and nothing else.

Leave nothing behind:
- The larger purpose of the company is to show a way to transition from single use plastics.
- Jack Frost is refillable with biodegradable cartridges shipped with carbon offsets.
- It produces zero plastic waste. It helps us overcome the daily act of wasting, and shows a model for personal care brands everywhere to follow.

We are a small company committed to being a role model for how a business can do things right. It's not just making high quality products, it's being responsible for those product's life cycle. We're proud of Jack Frost. We use it all over our bodies every day. But we're even more proud that the product produces no plastic waste. The Jack Frost canister is built to last a lifetime. It's a traveling companion filled with a powder that can make you more comfortable wherever the road may take you.

We're deeply grateful that you are here. For the first time - not the last - we're proud to say, this is For The Oddballs.

-Dave & Theresa
From one oddball to another
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