For a company to truly be impactful that commitment has to be woven into their DNA. Impact can't be the side effect - a convenient benefit on the path to ever-growing profits. For it to truly matter, impact has to be the point. We'll leave it to you to decide whether a given company is serious about this or not. All we can do is lay out how we approach impact at Jack Frost.

We put three years into developing Jack Frost. We're proud of the powder. It keeps you smelling and feeling good without relying on suspect chemicals. It works in so many ways: as a deodorant, body powder, foot powder and dry shampoo. With Jack Frost producing no plastic waste, we're proud that it lets our customers live more sustainable lives as well. But if this was all our company did we wouldn't feel it was enough.

We believe the world needs role models for what business could be - business where, at a fundamental level, impact is the point. Jack Frost aspires to be such a role model. More than anything this is what wakes us up every day and gets us excited to go to work.

Here's how we're approaching it:

Jack Frost's Values:
Jack Frost has the mentality of a nonprofit that uses a tool (personal care products) to support the causes we believe in. In our case it's to end single use plastics everywhere. Jack Frost exists so we can do our part to ensure that we're leaving behind a thriving world for the coming generations. We do this by:
  1. Developing safe, effective and beautiful products, and;

  2. Working toward a supply chain that is as close to spotless as it can be (fair labor practices, sustainably sourced ingredients etc.)
Our goal is to build a business that is not just sustainable but regenerative. This begins with products that don't pollute people's bodies, and don't pollute the environment as well. Our products have the cleanest ingredient lists of any on the market. They produce no plastic waste. We purchase carbon offsets for our shipping - not just to the customer, but from across our supply chain too.

At the moment we commit 10% of profits to support single-use plastic activism. For us that's only the beginning. By some accounts, Dr. Bronner's - a role model of ours - gives up to 50% of their profits to fund the causes they believe in. As soon as we can Jack Frost will get there too.

Like them we have a cap on executive pay at 5x the salary of the lowest paid employee. The owners of our company take no dividends, instead using those dollars to improve the company's products and supply chain, expand employee benefits, and to support the causes we believe in.
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There are no investors in Jack Frost. We've bootstrapped our way to being a growing business without having to give up equity - not because it was the easy path, but because we knew that giving up control meant surrendering the company's ability to put our mission first. If we ever take on investors it will be through revenue-based financing with capped returns - gold standard practices in the growing movement toward a new, just, regenerative economy.

Lastly, Jack Frost will never sell. We've spent our careers in the natural products industry. So many well-intentioned founders come into this industry with hopes of improving the world only to take on the wrong kind of capital and have no choice but to put profits at the bottom line. We believe in thinking about the seven generations, not the next fiscal quarter. The only way to guarantee Jack Frost exists for impact is to ensure it stays a thriving, independent company for life.

We share this because it shows our belief that business can genuinely be a force for good. Sharing these values publicly is one more piece of accountability. These values are our commitment. The impact is the point. We remember that fact every day, as we roll up our sleeves and get to work. We're grateful to be on this journey together, and we're grateful to have you here with us.

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-Dave & Theresa
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